Great Thoroughbred Studs of Australia

  • $132.00

Australian thoroughbred farms are among the most dynamic and innovative in the world, and the advent of the shuttle stallion program has cemented Australia's place as a significant international player in the thoroughbred world. Modern transport facilities, advanced quarantine procedures and sophisticated veterinary practices have so improved the mobility of horses that the historic barriers to our global competitiveness no longer apply. Australian studs conform to world's best practice standards and offer thoroughbred breeders a gene pool and stud facilities to rival the best in the world.

Our climate is conductive to broad acre farming and Australian horses spend the majority of their growing time together in large paddocks. This makes the Australian-bred horse a very tough competition: the outstanding international performances of Starcraft, Takeover Target, Miss Andretti and Choisir are stunning examples. The Australian thoroughbred has truly come of age is an internationally competitive force.

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